Jane Felix-Browne: The new Mrs Bin LadenShe sounds irritated rather than concerned. "It's a formality. I've done nothing wrong. I've had this before. Let's keep talking until they come back."However, we are again interrupted - this time by a choking sound that cuts her off in mid-sentence. Whatever now?Has she been marched away in handcuffs? Strangled? Wrestled to the ground by a fellow passenger who took issue with the family name?Alas, nothing so dramatic. "Sorry," she splutters. "I was trying to take a drink while wearing a burka. I've poured it down me. What a mess."So begins the farce that is interviewing Jane Felix-Browne, aka Mrs Omar Bin Laden, daughter-in-law of Osama - yes, that Osama.A few days ago, her neighbours in the tranquil Cheshire village of Moulton knew Jane as just another slightly dotty grandmother who sat on the parish council.She was a bit odd, granted, with a face unnaturally smoothed, it was rumoured, by Botox and the surgeon's scalpel.She was always off on exotic jaunts to the Middle East, and spoke of her devout Islamic faith - but all in clipped English tones.And, of course, there was the small matter of her five former husbands, as well as her latest, who at 27 is young enough to be her son.Still, that sort of gossip-fodder was nothing compared to what the good folk of Moulton faced this week when Jane, 51, was unveiled - metaphorically, at least - as Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden's daughter-in-law.
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